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Welcome to the place where your relationships start working for you! We are Jami and Marla and we know that finding, building and healing loving relationships takes clarity, awareness, forgiveness and focused effort. We have been recognized in the top 1% of coaches in the world because of our client satisfaction and success. And as a result we appear in Leap The Coaching Movie, provide personal coaching, run weekend retreats and facilitate our very popular one day workshops.

We became Certified Relationship Coaches and Licensed Facilitators with Life Skills International in 1995. We found that people needed something more than what was traditionally available, and we created it! From our own personal trials we created a path out of the “blindspots” and into true emotional intimacy, leading to 100% satisfaction physically.

Over the last 24 years we have specialized in finding love for singles, and keeping couples together, using a combination of coaching, consulting, and mentoring. We bring our nearly 31 years of marriage and 24 years of experience, and our 95% + success rate of exceeding client goals and keeping couples together making every session a breakthrough to a new and empowered place.

Our short-term process provides a lifetime of results. Our unique way of coaching together brings you, as our client, to the place of discovering your core values and passions and living into them! Start with your Free Discovery Session today and find out why our clients nearly always say “I wish we would have done this years ago. We got more value in three sessions than years of traditional counseling.”

We (Jami and Marla Keller) supervise coaches and lead clients through a powerful and proven process that has a 97% success rate for meeting or exceeding all of our client’s goals. MindBody Coaching includes hair testing by Trace Elements Laboratory, and coaching specifically designed to get the most out of the lab results and supplements. Trace Elements is an independent testing laboratory specializing in hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) for healthcare professionals worldwide. Here’s what our consultant, a registered nurse and Biochemical Technician, has to say about the importance of balancing your biochemistry: “The foundation of good relationships is a healthy body. If the body isn’t healthy, the brain isn’t healthy; if the brain isn’t healthy, the relationships aren’t healthy. Over the last 18 years, I have seen a wide range of physical illnesses, including dyslexia, depression, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, psychoses with delusions and hallucinations, anxiety with panic attacks, dementia, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue, auto-immune disease and many others, completely reversed by consistently (generally over a period of 18-24 months) supplying the body with the specific nutrients each individual needs at the time. When the body has the necessary nutrients in the right balance, it heals itself as it was designed to by a loving Creator.” ~Sue Yingling, RN, Biochemical Clinician International Passion Provoker Consultant

1-Day Workshop

Authentic Empathy Workshop
Featuring Jami and Marla Keller
Authors and Speakers
Relationship and Forgiveness Consultants/Coaches

Do you desire more connected relationships with healthy boundaries in all areas of your life including your friendships, your work, your coupleship (or future coupleship), and most importantly with yourself? You can have it all! Join us for a day full of laughter, lessons, and love.

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Online, or in person coaching for singles and couples coaching ranges between $300 and $7500 depending on your custom needs. Please sign up for the free discovery session and plan on about forty-five minutes to meet us on Zoom to answer all your questions.


Spicin’ It Up!
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$950 Per Couple for a Private Room and Bathroom
$850 Per Couple for a Private Room and Semi-Shared Bathroom
Advanced Retreat*
(*To qualify you are a client, past client, or attended Love, Release, Love Again or Spicin’ It Up!)
$1000 Per Couple
We are super excited to offer our fun and refreshing Couple’s Retreats! It’s a perfect gift for your love. Space is limited, so grab your spot today. (For the Advanced Retreat *you must have attended Love, Release, Love Again or Spicin’ It Up! retreat and/or have received coaching from Jami and Marla.) Earlybird Registration is 10% OFF (contact us for details). Register below:

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